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Translation: Vox – 14th November 2018

Vox – 14th November 2018


The Minister of Land Affairs and Public Domain, responsible for relations with parliament, Pierre Mabiala decided on 13 November in Brazzaville Jehovah’s Witnesses and the population of the 49 district in Moungali for a stolen street.

“The street is a public domain of circulation,” Pierre Mabiala reminded us of the question on the Kiyindou Nzoumba street ended in a cul de sac, which deprived the passage to the local populations.

Here, a construction of Jehovah’s Witnesses had put people in difficulty. Having built a large shed on the square, this religious congregation had obstructed the street.

Interpellated by the minister, the landowner, Mambou Nguié admitted to having sold only 9,600 m2 to this religious congregation while its total area was 10,440 m2. Pierre Mabiala preached the first vice president of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Association, Toukoulou Bernard for being dishonest, he who is supposed to evangelize, train, shape the populations. “The sale of a property in the public domain follows a given procedure. The first decree is that of decommissioning and the second is of division, “he added to the Vice President.

A descent on the ground in dispute led the ministerial delegation and cadastral agents to inquire about the situation in order to find, illico presto, an amicable solution for the two parties to disagree.

After a discussion, it was with the aid of a bulldozer that the wall of the fence giving to the street Kiyindou Nzoumba was shattered under the cheers of the cheering people. The passage finally operational, the left flank of the street Nkoua Bernard knew the same fate as well as the side of the street Benjamin Mampouya on the right. A way to recover the 840 m2.

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