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Translation: RT Deutsch – 3rd November 2018

RT Deutsch – 3rd November 2018

South Korea is the first to lift prison sentences for conscientious objection “because of religious beliefs”

A landmark ruling by the South Korean Supreme Court has given hope to thousands of South Korean conscripts for whom there has been no legal way to evade military service. On Thursday, a ruling was lifted by a lower court that sentenced a Jehovah’s Witness to 18 months in prison for conscientious objection. The Supreme Court for the first time claimed the man’s “religious beliefs” for the acquittal.

The case of the acquitted Oh Seung-hun leaves experts making optimistic predictions for all the young men who are now in jail for similar allegations in South Korea. “Today’s verdict is a great consolation to about 20,000 conscientious conscientious objectors in South Korea who have had to live with the stigma of the former convicts for the last 65 years,” The New York Times quotes the spokesman for the South Korean community of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hong Dae-il.

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