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Translation: HLN – 20th December 2018

HLN – 20th December 2018

“Research needed for sexual abuse at Jehovah’s witnesses”

The official advice center for sects in our country asks the House for an investigation into the sexual abuse of minors at the witnesses of Jehovah. This is what De Morgen writes today. A number of testimonies have also been reported to the public prosecutor’s office.

The IACSSO sect observatory, an independent center of the Justice Department, received “various direct and indirect testimonies” last year. It is about people who declared to have been subjected to sexual violence as a child by Jehovah’s Witnesses. IACSSO can not tell you about the number of testimonials.

286 testimonies in the Netherlands

The ball started rolling a year ago, after reports to the Dutch foundation Reclaimed Voices. There came 286 testimonies, last month the court in the Netherlands raids in churches and homes of Jehovah’s witnesses.

The cult observatory now asks to set up a parliamentary committee of inquiry in Belgium. The recommendations were passed on to Chamber President Siegfried Bracke and several members of the government, but the timing is not ideal given the fall of the government. The federal prosecutor has also been informed.

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