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Translation: HLN Brakel – 14th December 2018

HLN Brakel – 14th December 2018

Director refuses blood test because he is a witness of Jehovah

RDM (24) from Brakel had to answer in the police court for refusing a blood test. He reportedly did so for religious reasons.

The agents who stopped the man suspected he had used drugs. But because they did not have the right material to carry out a saliva analysis, the twenties had to undergo a blood test. He refused, on which his driving license was promptly withdrawn for a period of fifteen days. And then he was also allowed to report on Friday in the police court.

The RDM lawyer stated that his client had refused the blood test for religious reasons. “He is a witness of Jehovah”, it sounded. “That’s why he did not want to take blood. Although the fact that he was panicking will also have something to do with it. ”

The young man would no longer use drugs. “I just wanted to try it once,” he said. “I did it in the car so that my parents would not notice it.” He left an effective fine of 800 euros and a driving ban of fifteen days.

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