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Translation: Ридус – 18th October 2018

Ридус – 18th October 2018

“I almost made a psycho out of me”: the shooter from Kerch complained about the game “Metro”

A friend of the Kerch shooter named Alexander spoke about the influence of a computer game on the psyche of Vladislav Roslyakov. According to the young man, Roslyakov complained about the game “Metro 2033” and its impact on his psyche.

There were these words: “This game – everything is unfair to people there.” And the majors, he said, he does not like,
– explained Alexander.

He also recalled that Roslyakov did not like the fact that other players had the opportunity to invest money in the game, and he had to stay up at night to achieve the same results. He considered the computer game unfair.

“There are battles at 2-3 o’clock in the morning. And now the clan war is on – a person must participate in it for two hours. Vlad repeatedly complained to me about this moment. He said: “The game made me crazy crazy. I want to just undermine this all “”, – quotes Alexander ” 360 “.

The game “Metro 2033” appeared in social networks in 2012. Players must create clans and develop their characters.

Neighbor Vladislav Roslyakova remembered that in childhood he was cruel.

“He had a tendency to arms, constantly shooting. I had an incident with him when I hit him with bullets in my legs. Since childhood, it was some strange things, ”she told RT .

The girl considers it not quite normal and the father of a teenager.

By itself, there was a mentally unbalanced person, he always said strange things, went out with a saber, the
neighbor says.

Earlier in the media there was information that the mother of the Kerch shooter was fond of the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses (the organization is banned in Russia).

An 18-year-old fourth-year college student Vladislav Roslyakov arranged an explosion and shooting at an educational institution in Kerch. Subsequently, his body with signs of suicide was found in the building of the polytechnic. According to recent reports, killed 20 people, more than 50 were injured.

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