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TV Net – 18th October 2018

TV Net – 18th October 2018

The “quiet and calm” college killer was not an aggressive teenager with a sectarian mother.

Vladislav Roslyakov’s father, who started the shooting and exploded a bomb at the Kerch Polytechnic College, killing 19 people and injuring 50 more, said that it was difficult to communicate with his son.

He grew up a closed child, spoke little about himself, had almost no friends. Meanwhile, the former neighbor of the Kerch shooter said that in childhood he strangled cats. Investigators are looking for accomplices of the young man.

The father of the young man testified to the investigators, the Izvestia newspaper writes on October 18 and publishes the details of the interrogation citing a source close to the investigation.

The teenager’s father said that he did not report anything special about his studies, he had no friends. The man noted that the son had one friend with whom he spoke in childhood, but recently they were not friends – their connection was broken.

Roslyakov’s father noted that he knew about his passion for computer games and weapons, but stressed that his son was educated and non-aggressive, reports RT, citing a source in the Crimean Ministry of Education.

“At the same time, Vladislav Roslyakov’s family cannot be called prosperous: his father is disabled and lived separately from his son, and his mother was an adherent of the Jehovah’s Witnesses sect prohibited in Russia.”

“In this regard, the relationship between mother and son were tense, in particular, she sometimes searched him when the young man came home,” – said the source publication.

“I didn’t study at full strength, into triples. Relations with classmates developed normally, I wasn’t noticed in the manifestation of aggression,” the source added.

Earlier it was reported that the cause of the massacre in Kerch College could be conflicts Roslyakov with teachers. The Interfax source said that Roslyakov visited the shooting club and was interested in weapons, and about 10 packs of rifle cartridges, about 10 homemade incendiary devices and a bottle of Molotov cocktail were found at the scene of the tragedy.

Roslyakov’s classmates had previously called him calm and quiet, Znak.com notes. He had no visible reasons for the massacre, his acquaintances believe.

Crimean Children’s Ombudsman Irina Klyueva told reporters in Kerch that Roslyakov was not registered with the prevention authorities. “He was not registered. There were no (appeals) to any organs of the prevention system,” Interfax quotes her. The Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of the Russian Federation, Anna Kuznetsova, confirmed this information.

“We are a bit late with the perception of well-being today. It seems to us that polished shoes, a white shirt and studying for five are a guarantee that everything is good with the child, but, unfortunately, this is not so long ago,” she noted.

Former neighbor Kerch shooter said that in childhood he strangled cats

A woman who had previously lived in the same house with Vlad Roslyakov’s family, until his parents divorced and he moved with his mother to another apartment, told KerchINFO that the boy was cruel as a child.

“He was very cruel little. He caught cats, choked them with ropes. We drove him all the time. And then, when they (Vlad’s mother and father) broke up, he moved to another apartment,” the woman explained. The publication publishes a video with her story.

The investigation is looking for Roslyakov’s accomplices

Meanwhile, the investigation establishes possible accomplices of the student who organized the slaughter, reports “Interfax” with reference to the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

“The task (of the investigation) is to establish who (the shooter) was preparing for this crime. Here he acted alone. This is understandable, it’s established. But the preparatory measures, in my opinion and the opinion of colleagues, alone could not be accomplished by this villain”, – explained Aksenov.

We note, earlier, a military expert Alexei Leonkov suggested that the incident was not a spontaneous slaughter, arranged by a young man who had flown from the coils. “This is a prepared and well-planned terrorist act,” the expert said.

As a result of the tragedy in the Kerch college, 19 people died, more than 40 injured remain in hospitals, seven of them in critical condition. According to eyewitnesses and security officials, the 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov came to the college with a hunting rifle and began methodically shooting everyone who came his way, and then made an explosion in the canteen, where at that time there were many students. He was later found dead in a college library. Presumably, he committed suicide.

Upon the incident, a criminal case was first initiated under the “terrorist act” article, but later it was retrained into the “murder” article.

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