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Translation: Oulu-Lehti – 27th September 2018

Oulu-Lehti – 27th September 2018

This is a mapping: the former Jehovah’s Witness Proof of Time and Lottery Prize were ousted in Oulu

SOCIAL media quickly spread on Thursday, Oulu-based Ella Saarenpää-Kervinen distributed by the screenshot he has received the message.

– Hi Ella! I heard news that you are a former Jehovah’s Witness … I’m sorry to cancel your maturity and also cancel your winnings in this race because my conscience does not allow me to take you to the affair, the message read.

Saarenpää-Kervinen told a text on Facebook that the canceled profit was a success in the Instagram competition and that the prize was deprived of him because he had been a child to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The message asked Saarenpää-Kerviselle for understanding and found that the sender of the message would be happy to take the customer, “if and when things change”.

PHENOMENON IN question is Saarenpää-Kervinen by-aversion. “Karting” refers to a practice associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses, in which the Movement in the past is unconnected or even avoids encountering those who have emerged from the movement.

The questioning of Jehovah’s Witnesses is controversial:

– We do not turn away from those who have been baptized Jehovah’s witnesses but that have stopped telling the good news to others, or maybe even drifted away from witnesses connection, Jehovah’s Witnesses website explains.

Saarenpää-Kervinen has a different view. The eventual withdrawal of a lover is one example of this. He emphasizes that he has raised the issue precisely because of the discriminatory nature of the mapping practice, not to create a company that he is proud of doing a good job.

Equally blatant of discrimination, Saarenpää-Kervinen has not previously experienced, but he is not unusual in Oulus’s discernment.

– It is, of course, that I notice in a trade that the sellers of Jehovah’s Witnesses retreat and become someone else. This is happening in Oulu’s most famous stores, says Saarenpää-Kervinen.

SAARENPÄÄ-KERVINEN says that he resigned from the Jehovah’s Witnesses for some twenty years ago.

– My parents went to the bow, and, of course, I myself have experienced the same kind of life change as a teenager.

Some of the relatives left broke up, but Saarenpää-Kervinen seems to be with you. Previously, he has not been in a state of public concern about the practices associated with circulation. In disgust, he drew attention to discrimination, but his attitude toward the underlying impact was not so steep.

– I’m thinking that they have freedom of religion and have what is, and if you are satisfied with their lives, so that’s in everyone’s interest. I did not think it was not disturbing it.

SAARENPÄÄ-KERVINEN Facebook publishing gathered in a few hours hundreds of divisions and comments. Many people considered the incident to be contrary to the law. There was a company on whose line it was to leave the premises.

Jenina Vuori, the entrepreneur of Oululainen Beauty & Nail Studio Spinella, gives up sharply.

– This came to me as a surprise and a shock. Here is the situation that there is another entrepreneur inside my business that is in question. I, as Spinella’s owner, in no way accept this kind of use. All people, regardless of age, gender and religion, have always been welcome.

Vuori says he has been a ten-year entrepreneur and has never had any problems. He promised to make a public apology, even though it was not really about his business.

He was not yet on Thursday afternoon with a second entrepreneur in the company’s premises. Mountain wonders that partly the mistake was due to the message of the sender’s youth.

“I think he did not really understand what he had been doing,” Vuori says.

MOUNTAIN was later on Thursday in connection with Ella Saarenpää-Kervinen. This updated his Facebook release and reported that the matter was agreed in a good spirit.

– I do not have any requirements for the company, and I’m not going to take the matter to the authorities. I stress that I wanted their client because of the quality of work and it has not changed since today, Saarenpää-Kervinen wrote.

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