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Translation:YLE Uutiset – 27th September 2018

YLE Uutiset – 27th September 2018

The woman won the beauty care prize – the employee canceled it because the customer was 20 years ago Jehovah’s Witness

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman states that it is forbidden, on the basis of the Equality Act and the Criminal Code, to discriminate against people, for example, based on religion or ethnic background.

Oululainen Ella Saarenpää-Kervinen , 36, won the Instagram competition for the time to put her eyebrows in the Oulu beauty salon. When Saarenpää-Kervinen was leaving home for the agreed beauty treatment, she received a surprising message from a company employee.

The message was that the employee’s conscience did not allow Saarenpää-Kerv to become a customer because he is a former Jehovah’s Witness. The employee canceled the maternity and Saarenpää-Kervinen victory in the race. At the end of the message, the employee wrote that Saarenpää-Kervinen will be a welcome customer in the future “if and when things change”.

– I thought this must be a joke, but this can not happen, Ella Saarenpää-Kervinen says.

Saarenpää-Kervinen has spent his childhood in the Jehovah’s Witness family. However, the woman has not been released for more than 20 years. He knew the employee because of his background, but did not think it was relevant and participated in the lottery.

Saarenpää-Kervinen reported on the event first in his Facebook update, which has spread widely.

The entrepreneur of beauty salon Jenina Vuori says that the work done by the employee does not describe in any way how the company works. According to Vuoren, the employee who posted the message is in the beauty salon contractor.

– We are all welcome to religion, sex, or anything else.

The knowledge of the employee’s work became Vuori in complete surprise, and he has not yet had time to talk about this happening.

– I’m just in shock. You have to think seriously about this, how to work with a worker.

Discrimination has taken place earlier
The withdrawal of the beauty salon is not the only case that has occurred in Ella Saarenpää-Kervis, as a result of his background as Jehovah’s Witness. However, no such direct discrimination has taken place in the past.

– When I was doing some of the shops, I notice that the Jehovah’s Witness-Known Traders I know are withdrawing from the situation that they do not need to serve me. Neither relatives want to be with me anymore.

Saarenpää-Kervinen’s parents are active actors in the Religious Victims Association. She tells her that it has caused a lot of “disparagement” and suspects it will also affect the fact that many of Jehovah’s Witnesses also know him.

Other former Jehovah’s Witnesses have also reported the so-called mapping rule that prohibits those in circulation from contacting those who have resigned from it.

– Much has been said about the map regulation, but denied by Jehovah’s Witnesses, says Saarenpää-Kervinen.

Yle does not know if a case involving a beauty salon was associated with the mapping rule.

Saarenko-Kervinen says that he does not understand the evasion of the former Jehovah’s Witnesses. He tells me that he has tried to look at Facebook for dating from past childhood friends, but he has noticed that they have prevented him.

– Although we have not been in business for more than 20 years. They obviously feel that I have some kind of threat, or that I could touch them, something bad. I’m just a normal mother of the family, what is it about me a catchy bad could it be?

However, Saarenpää-Kervinen does not want the company to be stamped by the company as a whole.

– But this kind of discrimination is not right according to Finnish law.

Gender Equality: People can not be chosen on the basis of religion
Yle asked the matter at the Office of Equal Opportunities for an opinion. Senior Inspector Tiina Valonen does not want to comment on a single case, but she says that the law is very clear in such cases.

– It is forbidden, on the basis of both the Equality Act and the Penal Code, to discriminate against people, for example, based on religion or ethnic background.

Valonen says that they often deal with discrimination against Roma customers and they have to make a lot of investigations. He does not remember such denial of service that would have been attended by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

– If the person concerned wants to inform us, then we can investigate the matter. Entrepreneurs can not choose their customers on the basis of religion.

Consequences of such cases may, according to Valonen, have an economic impact on the entrepreneur. For example, compensation may be paid to the victim, as well as legal costs.

This is all about it

  • Ella Saarenpää-Kervinen, an Oululainen, was informed that the beauty treatment time he had won in his competition was canceled because the employee did not want to serve a more Jehovah’s Witness.

  • Saarenpää-Kervinen tells that she had been discriminated against earlier because of her background.

  • According to Saarenpää-Kervinen, discrimination is often associated with the so-called mapping rule, namely that Jehovah’s Witnesses should not be involved with those who left the community.

  • The law does not allow discrimination on the basis of religious background.

  • According to the beauty care company, the withdrawal of time because of the religious background is not in line with the company.

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