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Translation: La Voix Du Nord – 23rd August 2018

La Voix Du Nord – 23rd August 2018

Facts Jehovah’s Witnesses with a Nazi Dagger in Burbure

A Burburian was detained on Wednesday morning for threatening two Jehovah’s Witnesses on July 22 with a dagger carrying a swastika and a pistol.

On July 22, two Jehovah’s Witnesses went door-to-door in Burbure. Arrived in the street of Rietz, a resident calls them. The two men go to him and begin to introduce him to the Bible verses. But he goes home and comes out with a dagger in his hand , carrying a swastika , and throws them: ” That’s what I believe in myself! “. Then he goes back a second time to grab a gun . ” You have two seconds to clear off, ” he claims this time.

The two Jehovah’s Witnesses, from Calonne-Ricouart and Ourton, immediately left the scene and complained to the Auchel police station. This Wednesday morning, the police arrested the thirty-something Burburois. During the course of police custody, the man acknowledged the facts explaining that he was tired of being approached. Acknowledging he went too far, he explained that he was passionate about the Second World War but had no sympathy for Nazi ideology . As for the pistol, it was just a simple alarm gun.

At the end of his hearing, the Burburois was able to leave the police station. However, he will be tried in court on a preliminary conviction of guilt for gun violence on 7 December.

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