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Translation: Le Point – 16th June 2018

Le Point – 16th June 2018

EXCLUSIF. Le glaçant scénario d’un témoin de Jéhovah pour tuer sa femme

Le Point (France), Saturday, June 16, 2018

“EXCLUSIVE: The chilling scenario of a Jehovah’s Witness killing his wife

“Two men were indicted for attempted murder. One of them is suspected of attempting to murder his wife whom he could not divorce.

“PICTURE: The facts occurred in June 2017 on the side of Champs-sur-Marne

“It took nearly a year of investigation to the police of the criminal brigade of the regional direction of the Judicial Police of Versailles (Yvelines) to bring to light the chilling scenario of an attempted murder on a Jehovah’s witness, Pre-millenarian religious movement that federates more than 8 million active members worldwide.

“According to our information, a man in his thirties was indicted for ‘attempted murder’ in mid-May by an examining magistrate from Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), before be placed in pre-trial detention. An accomplice, employed like him in the building sector, followed the same path. The latter admitted that he had been recruited by the first to lend him a hand in the execution of a plan that was meant to be Machiavellian.

“In the impossibility of divorce from his wife – such a separation is proscribed in Jehovah’s Witnesses, except in the case of infidelity – this husband is suspected of having simply tried to kill her.

“An accomplice recruited for a few hundred euros

“The facts occurred in June 2017 on the side of Champs-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne). During his custody, Alain* initially denied his involvement, before asserting his right to silence. On the other hand, his alleged offender has confessed. According to our information, Arnaud* said he was ‘recruited’ by the husband, determined to separate from his wife for a few hundred euros.

“Arnaud was then exposed to the macabre scenario. ‘The murder was to take place during a picnic in the forest,’ said a judicial source. ‘Once the woman was murdered by her husband with a firearm, the mate would have to recover the weapon used and the business carried by the murderer to remove any traces of firing residue. Then the murderer had to believe in an attack by strangers, before taking refuge with the police.’

“A chilling scenario, but that finally seized. The day of events, Josette* is invited by her husband to a bucolic dinner on the edge of the forest. During this evening, the husband assures him that he has a surprise to make to his wife: Alain pretext to have him put a jewel around his neck to position himself behind her. That’s when he took his Long Rifle 22 caliber gun to shoot Josette’s back.

“The victim survived his injuries

“Seriously touched, almost at close range, the wife collapses, but does not succumb. All under the eyes of Arnaud, stayed at a safe distance to avoid being spotted by the victim. ‘We understand then that the husband found himself disconcerted in front of the body of his wife who was not dead,’ says the same source. His accomplice then came on the scene to recover, as expected, some of his clothes to deceive the upcoming investigations. The husband asked him to shoot him at the level of one shoulder to make believe a double murder attempt perpetrated by strangers. His mate performed himself before disappearing. The injured husband then alerted the helpers, and then was treated.

“After several months of recuperation, his wife got back on his feet. ‘It’s a real miracle …’ blows a close file. Inconsistencies in the narrative of the facts by the husband were quickly uncovered by the investigators of the crime of the PJ of Versailles. ‘Important telephonic investigations have made it possible to establish contacts between the two men who met shortly before this attempted murder,’ the source added. ‘They both worked in the building, before being connected by common knowledge.’

“After this attempted murder, the two men were particularly cautious: they never spoke again to scramble the tracks a bit more. But the police officers of the Versailles PJ have managed to establish contacts between them before the bloody picnic. The murder weapon has not been found.

“* The first names of the alleged perpetrators have been changed.”

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