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Translation: RMC – 8th August 2018

RMC – 8th August 2018

How Alexander, born among Jehovah’s Witnesses, decided to leave the movement

Born into a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Alexander decided at the age of 25 to leave this movement. He tells it in M ​​like Maïtena.

Every day from 15h to 16h, “M like Maïtena”. For an hour every day, Maïtena Biraben discovers the news, goes out to meet those who make it and those we do not hear enough. Society, practical life, health: so many topics close to you that touches you directly.

RMC is a general radio, mainly focused on news and interactivity with listeners, in a 100% spoken format, unpublished in France. RMC’s program schedule revolves around key events such as Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s morning show, Les Grandes Gueules, Radio Brunet or M comme Maïtena.

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