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Translation: Sud Ouest – 12th September 2018

Sud Ouest – 12th September 2018

Bordeaux: Eleven years in prison for the author of the fatal blows on a Jehovah’s Witness

Sud Ouest (France), Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The trial of the perpetrator of June 2016 fatal blasts against a Jehovah’s Witness ended Tuesday night.

Eleven years of criminal imprisonment. The verdict of the Assize Court of the Gironde fell Tuesday afternoon after two days of hearing. José Ramadann returned to prison and not to a psychiatric hospital as he claimed throughout his trial. On June 24, 2016, the 30-year-old had, for no reason, punched the face of a septuagenarian who had installed her Jehovah’s Witnesses display stand near the Aubiers tram stop in Bordeaux.

“He made tons of it”

She had fallen and died a few days later. The friend who accompanied her and was also beaten was a civil party at the trial. His lawyer, Me Yolande Kaam, put the right words on the pain and was able to say the pain and the fright in front of this gratuitous violence.

The accused warned: “When I go out, I will dive again,” brandishing a schizophrenia never really diagnosed. “He made tons,” regrets the Advocate General, Pierre Nalbert. “He plays the card of psychiatry in a kind of blackmail,” he laments.

For the magistrate, there is no real debate about a possible criminal irresponsibility of the accused, which would save him years of imprisonment. “He is accessible to a penal sanction. He voluntarily stopped his treatment and he knew that the consumption of toxins exacerbated his troubles.”

If he admits an alteration of discernment, the Advocate General also underlines the dangerousness of José Ramadann. “You are not a social service,” he told the jury, demanding ten years of criminal imprisonment.

“It’s not the punch that killed the septuagenarian, it’s the fall that followed,” pleads Isabelle Raffard for the defense. The lawyer would like to show that the 30-year-old did not intend to cause death. “Everything is related to his illness, it’s not a joker, or an excuse too easy. He is sick and the facts that have been committed are related to his illness.”

She “does not ask for charity, just a punishment in relation to what has been done, within the limits of her criminal responsibility”. The court and the jurors retained the principle of an alteration of discernment but went beyond the requisitions .

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