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Translation: General Anzeiger – December 2018

General Anzeiger – 27th December 2018

54-year-old sentenced for knife attack against his wife

BONN. The district court of Bonn condemns a butcher from Neunkirchen-Seelscheid for attempted manslaughter in coincidence with serious injury. The man was resting because his wife wanted to leave him. He struck her ten times.

When the news reached him that his wife wanted to separate from him, he was still a guest at his in-laws in Hagen, Westphalia. Back home in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, the 54-year-old trained butcher then got drunk for several days before completely devastating the flat.

When his wife finally came to collect personal belongings, the early retiree took a rest and fell over the 31-year-old with a boning knife with a twelve-centimeter long blade. Before the Bonn jury trial, the accused was reprimanded for his act now on Friday for attempted manslaughter in coincidence with serious injury to three years imprisonment.
The attack had been the low point of a relationship that had obviously never lived up to the expectations of the two partners, summed up the presiding judge. The two members of Jehovah’s Witnesses got to know each other about their religion. Shortly after one had married and the woman had moved to her husband, the different characters had collided.

Even the very emotional accounts of the two to the prehistory are by no means contradictory. They simply reflected the different perspectives of the partners. One topic was again and again the alcohol consumption of the man. He had then changed and had already become significantly more aggressive after small amounts, the woman had testified in the course of the process. Already in a previous dispute, he had pressed her with his throat against a wall.

Man wanted to take his own life

The trigger of the act after previous alcohol excess was a WhatsApp message: his wife had not only told him in it to want to leave him; she also has a new partner. She’d gone to the matrimonial apartment on Tattag to pick up things.

Wednesday afternoon had offered to because her husband then always helped out in a bicycle shop. But because her husband’s car was at the door and she had her new boyfriend seated in the passenger seat in her car, so that he could keep an eye on the front door of the matrimonial home and quickly rush to his aid, the court did not go away total innocence of the victim. But that would have been a precondition for the accusation of attempted insidious murder charged in the prosecution. The defendant had nevertheless accepted, at least approvingly, that his victim could be killed by the orgy of violence, according to the court.

Of the total of ten stitches, three were so dangerous that in two cases at least an abstract danger to life had to be assumed, in the case of an abdominal injury also a concrete danger to life. In punishment, the chamber took into account the remorse now shown and a reduced guilt: At least 0.7 liters of whiskey, the jealous perpetrators had previously drunk; each ten tablets ibuprofen and Novalgin taken. He had wanted to take his own life before his wife had come to him surprisingly in the apartment.

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