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Translation: Tageblatt 15th May 2018

Tageblatt – 15th May 2018

Trial in Luxembourg: Has a cult member abused a girl?

Fernando S. had to answer to the criminal chamber on Tuesday for child abuse in the circle of the Christian sect ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’. The investigation was initiated when mother and daughter filed a youth protection report with the police in Diekirch – but without filing a formal complaint.

As the investigator on the witness stand reported, the accused, with the parents’ consent, was to pick up the girl from Luxembourg train station to take her to her family. In a forest near Junglinster, however, the man took a surprising pee break.

Girl retired

After he had taken a seat in the car again, he forcefully demanded a French kiss from the then 15-year-old girl and, according to the victim, touched it immorally. Arriving at his parents, the girl immediately withdrew while her father was still talking to his best friend. When the mother came into her room, she noticed that her daughter was trembling and crying all over her body.

Then the father wrote a letter to his supposed friend and alleged child molester of his daughter in which he asked him to stay away from his daughters. Nevertheless, he agreed to an attempt at mediation within the sect, presided over by the elders and denied everything by the accused.

Expert: ‘Sacrifice is credible!’

Jehovah’s Witnesses deny that they are bound to secrecy. According to an article on their website, the elders, citing the Bible (Dt 19:15), can only take action within the community if there are at least two witnesses to the accusations. But when the accused, who talked himself out of the affair with accusations to the parents, kissed the victim’s sister on the forehead, it was enough for the father – he finally agreed to a report to the authorities, according to the psychological expert.

The expert attested spontaneity, loyalty and credibility to the victim. The statements of the girl point to an experience background for him. The process will continue on Wednesday.

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