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Translation: Fædrelandsvennen – 25th April 2018 – Response from the Minster of Culture

Fædrelandsvennen – Response from the Minster of Culture – 25th April 2018

They are broken both inside and outside

Leader of the political party “The Left” (Venstre) Trine Skei Grande wants more openness in closed faith communities. Therefore she will now work for a legislative change.

Connie Bentzrud Tarjei Leer-Salvesen

KRISTIANSAND: “The danger is when individuals are treated poorly and do not feel that their freedom in a society is taken care of,” said Minister of Culture and leader of Venstre Trine Skei Grande to Fædrelandsvennen.

She aims at the isolation that many members of closed-minded communities can experience if they choose to go out. Therefore, she and the rest of Venstre wish that such religious communities should be able to lose public grants if they practice negative social control.

A short time ago, such a proposal was adopted by Venstres country meeting following a proposal from Kristiansand’s representative, Petter Benestad.

Want communities that practice social control to lose public grants.

“There was a clear commitment at Venstres country meeting to work on this theme”, says Grande. “It can be difficult to enforce, but many perceive these religious communities as very exclusive and exclusive.”

Has met a lot of shunned people

The left leader has met many people who have been disfellowshipped by a community because they have not conformed to the rules that apply there.

As politicians, many stories are heard. Both from Christian and Muslim communities. Losing the social network and being alone when choosing other than the rest of the family is one of the worst, she says.

“In Venstre we have many who have been able to stand in such breaches, so I have heard many such stories from individuals.”

She is also aware that someone also loses the faith itself after being outcast by a religious community.

“They break both from the inside and outside,” says Grande.

A report on the faith and life-vision community and a proposal for a new common law for faith and life-vision communities will soon be presented.

“And then I hope we will discuss both the principles and opportunities we have to enforce this,” says Grande.

“Much of this is difficult to enforce and control, but we must see what opportunities we have that can lead to the greatest possible openness also in the different faith communities.”

Must comply with Norwegian law

Fædrelandsvennen has also focused on Jehovah’s Witnesses dealing with cases that deal with violence and sexual abuse against children.

Closed communities’ handling of such matters is a contributing factor to the fact that the Left also wants to look at this issue.

“It is clear that all Norwegian religious communities must comply with Norwegian law, which applies in all areas. No matter what your faith is,” Grande says.

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