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Translation: Fædrelandsvennen – 8th June 2018

Medlemmers grove lovbrudd og sexliv håndteres i egne domsutvalg – please note that the original is behind a paywall

“How Jehovah’s Witnesses operate outside the judicial system.

“Members’ gross offenses and sex lives are handled in their own judicial committee

“Four Women – Four Stories – How Jehovah’s Witnesses judicial committee operates serious matters internally, outside the Norwegian judicial system.

“The elders manual, ‘Shepherd the Flock of God,’ shall not be read by anyone other than men who are elders in Jehovah’s Witnesses. The book describes the tasks of the elders. A large part of the book is about how the religious community will create and carry out its own religious tribunal.


“After Fædrelandsvennen wrote the story of a 87-year-old elders in Jehovah’s Witnesses who are imprisoned for sexual assault against a four-year-old, there were several tips and leaks of internal documents about how Jehovah’s Witnesses are ruled.

“The most important document in the leakages is the book ‘Shepherd the Flock of “God’, the so-called ‘elders manual’. Here’s a detailed description of how Jehovah’s Witnesses work with religious tribunals in Norway.

“The main rule is that brothers and sisters in the religious community should not use the police and the Norwegian judicial system against each other.

“Fædrelandsvennen knows people who have had to explain themselves to the judiciary in Sørlandet about a number of things.

“A woman was interrogated by the men in a judicial selection on her sexual debut. Another woman feared expulsion and isolation after taking abortion.

“One woman was saved in hospital. Violent blood loss during birth caused the doctors to intervene and inflicted blood while the woman was unable to explain. Afterwards, she had to respond to a court committee if she had done enough to oppose the treatment.

“This is their stories:

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