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Translation: TV 2 – 12th October 2018

TV 2 – 20th October 2018

Idol-Carlisle: “Be ashamed and embarrassed when I should tell you that I’m gay

FORNEBU (TV 2) : Now Carlisle Sienes (21) tells us how it was growing up in Jehovah’s Witnesses as gay.

On Friday evening, Carlisle Sienes (21) was on the live broadcast in Idol for the second time. This fall he has impressed time and again in the talent competition, but this time it became different.

Now he sang a song that means something special for him – and he tells for the first time what has been difficult.

Grew up in the Philippines

Carlisle grew up in the Philippines with his little brother. The mother went to Norway and worked there to support the family while the brothers lived with grandmother.

Grandmother is highly believer in Jehovah’s Witnesses, and then raised the two boys.

“We grew up in a very religious environment. I learned that gays are shameful, wrong and sinful. But at the same time I knew I like boys, he says.

“Since we were very small when others talked about girls, I knew that there were boys I liked. I did not feel the same as them. Still, I tried very hard, very long to just fit in. I would rather just be like the others, and I would not hurt my grandmother, “says Carlisle.

Needed time to understand

At the age of 13, he and his brother moved to Norway after mother. Then he soon began to distance himself from religion.

“I felt Christianity distanced me because of my teaching. Therefore, I took a distance from religion, he says.

Still, it took a long time before he could say it.

“I needed some years in Norway before I could say I’m gay. I needed some time before I could understand myself, he told TV 2.

Mom and stefar took it very well. Carlisle believes that they might have already understood it. But it was still a difficult phone again to take, namely home to the grandmother he lived in for ten years.

Hard to tell grandmother

– I had to call Grandma. It was very difficult. I was ashamed and embarrassed when I was going to tell. I had spent a lot of time being confident in myself, but suddenly they returned old thoughts, he says.

Still, it was important for him to be honest with her, and in the end he was told.

– She got completely quiet. But I think she took it quite nicely. She said that she loves me anyway and that she respects it, although it’s a pity. For her it seems like a choice, but for me it’s love, he says.

Carlisle is also keen to praise the grandmother as he thinks is a wonderful person.

“I’m so grateful for everything she’s done. She was alone in raising me and my little brother, and she has done so much for us. And I must not least thank Mama too, for without her hard-working and selfless being we had not managed through the rise in the Philippines. So I’m very grateful to the two most important women in my life, “he says.

Has told grandmother about the appearance

Before Friday night, he called back to his grandmother to tell him about the appearance he should do. He sang to let Pray of Sam Smith, a song taking a settlement with both religion, sexuality and world problems.

“She said that since the song means so much to me, I’m just going to convey the text genuinely and worthy,” he says.

Today Carlisle is with Erik from Asker. They have been together for one and a half years, and last Friday he sat in the hall to cheer when Carlisle stood on stage.

Now, Carlisle hopes to one day could bring Erik to visit the grandmother of the Philippines.

Idol see you Friday night at. 19.30 or when you want on TV 2 Sumo .

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