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Translation: Trønder-Avisa – 27th January 2010

Trønder-Avisa – 27th January 2010

Cashier charged with the “Kingdom Hall” fire

On April 13, 2009, the man lit up at the assembly house of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Steinkjer to hide a loss of between 40,000 and 50,000. Now Jehovah’s Witnesses require two million dollars in compensation.
Stig Kristiansen

The man is charged with Inderøy District Court.

“The accusation is that he has underscored money from the congregation, and because of it having cold feet. In an attempt to ignore the accounting documents, he also lit the building, explains police attorney Silje Valstad at Nord-Trøndelag police district.

The denunciation was proclaimed to man on Wednesday.

– This is a very serious charge. You never know what will happen when you deliberately ponder something inside a house, “Valstad says.

Large claim for damages

The assembly house was completely damaged in the fire. Jehovah’s Witnesses have offered a claim for compensation for the construction of a similar building.

“There will be a claim of about two million kroner,” says Valstad.

Criminal law in six years

Firefighting is considered to be gross damage. This has a penalty frame of up to six years in prison.

“But he acknowledged everything in the first question, and it will be reflected in the criminal case,” explains Valstad.

The case is coming up for Inderøy District Court next Thursday.

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