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Najwyższy Czas! – 23rd December 2018

Haaretz – 6th November 2018

Evening Echo – 23rd October 2018

PNS – 12th April 2018 – TV Interview

Introductory paragraph to video translated into English:


Sara Andrychiewicz was a Jehovah’s witness. Now reveals shocking facts! “When I decide to publish this post, I will irreversibly change my life. However, I am ready to take this risk so that I can finally live. I am aware that my family will reject me, even the closest one. Friends will not want to know me. It seems to me that I am ready for it emotionally. I’ve been preparing for this for many months. On the other hand, is it possible to prepare for it? Going to a psychiatrist is not the beginning of my fight against depression – it was just a diagnosis. The real battle begins today. “From such words began its entry …

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