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Translation: Najwyższy Czas! – 23rd December 2018

Najwyższy Czas! – 23rd December 2018

“They function like a sect!” Jehovah’s former witness reveals the shocking secrets of the organization

Jehovah’s Witnesses is a religious association that is legally operating in Poland. According to official statistics, there are around 120,000 in our country. followers. For years, however, it has caused great controversy. Their beliefs and practices are completely incomprehensible to many Christians.

As it turns out, within the group there are laws that are unheard of in any other religious associations and which are difficult to explain in the 21st century. The secrets of Jehovah’s Witnesses are presented in the “Scandals” program, in which the followers of Tomasz Smolarek, Maciej Trębacz and Agata Szudzik shared their experiences.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses did not mind blood transfusions, they considered her a modern medicine that might be future-proof and would help people. Then they said that it was not – transfusion of blood is forbidden because God forbid it in the Bible. Near the year 2000, it was allowed to take small blood fractions. And indeed, people are dying. People are dying because someone decides somewhere, what can be accepted today and what is not allowed “- said Tomasz Smolarek in the program.

Importantly, such strict rules do not apply only to transfusions. Any injections are also forbidden.

“People with hemophilia could not take injections. It was considered that one injection is still ok, the second and the next is already breaking the law and such a person is excluded “- admitted the former witness.

Equally bad is also looked at, for example, studying. Studying at colleges and universities by being condemned by Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, the students themselves do not bear the consequences, and their parents, who have more important functions in the congregations.

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