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Translation: Religión Confidencial – 30th December 2018

Religión Confidencial – 30th December 2018

46 new mosques in Spain in six months

The Muslim cult centers have gone from 1,586 in June to 1,632 in December

The Observatory of Religious Pluralism in Spain , under the Ministry of Justice, has registered the creation of 46 new places of Muslim worship in Spain in six months.

Between June and December, mosques have increased from 1,586 to 1,632, an increase of 22.56%.

They are outnumbered by evangelical worship centers, which have increased by 58%, from 4,142 in June to 4,238 in December.

The places of prayer of the Orthodox (from 213 to 216 parishes), the Buddhists (from 167 to 171), the Baha’is (from 44 to 45), the Hindus (from 24 to 25) and the Sikhs ( from 20 to 22).

As for the Catholic parishes, they have also grown. According to data from the Episcopal Conference, they have gone from 22,999 to 23,019, twenty more in six months.

The ones of the Jehovah’s Witnesses come down

In contrast, Jehovah’s Witnesses have lost places of worship, rising from 636 in June to 627 in December. Those of Mormons, who have gone from having 119 churches to 115, have also descended.

The synagogues, the centers of the Church of Scientology, those of Christian science and those of other religions are maintained.

In total, the cult centers in Spain have increased, from 7,093 in June to 7,234 at the end of the year.

Madrid, the most religious

Madrid is the autonomous community with the highest number of places of worship, 1,020, followed by Barcelona, ​​which has 1,019. Five years ago, in 2013, these two cities had 835 and 849 prayer centers, respectively.

They are followed by Valencia (407), Alicante (350), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (223), Murcia (288), Malaga (284) and Seville (202).

The provinces with fewer religious centers are the least populated: Soria has 12, Palencia, 20; Zamora, 23; Ávila, 27 and Cuenca, 29.

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