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Translation: 20 Minutos – 23rd January 2019

20 Minutos – 23rd January 2019

Indignation by a homophobic video of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that vetoes paradise to homosexuals

A mother gives a discourse to her daughter after telling her that a classmate has two moms.

The Christian group of Jehovah’s Witnesses has raised a great dust after the creation and dissemination of a video with homophobic overtones in which a mother tells her daughter that the marriage must be between a man and a woman. Otherwise, there would be problems to enter “paradise”.

In the short video, just 2 minutes, you can see a girl who tells her mother that her classmate Clara has two moms . The mother, who expresses concern after the ‘confession’ of the girl, says that “people have their own opinion of the good and the bad”. Next, name Adam and Eve and emphasize that Jehovah made the marriage between a man and a woman . And only in this way, obeying its rules, will be able to access paradise.

The mother also compares trying to enter the “sky” being homosexual with trying to enter a plane with some type of prohibited object.

At the end of the talk, the mother encourages the girl to talk with her friend Clara to show her how to get to that “paradise”.

It was the famous illustrator Ismael Álvarez who, through social networks, denounced the existence of video. “So they can say that THE MARICONES are the ones who brainwash the children … That # Jehovah will take us confessed,” he wrote.

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