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Translation: Chrónica Vida – 1st December 2016

Chrónica Vida – 1st December 2016

Victims of abuses by Jehovah’s Witnesses demand “redress” from the hierarchy

The collective claims “changes” to the top in Spain and the United States to avoid the cover-up

Victims of child abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses demand the hierarchy “reparation and justice.” The AbusosTJ collective addressed itself to the top levels of the denomination in Spain and the United States on Thursday. It has issued an internal letter in which it demands a reform of the procedures of the government structures to avoid the concealment of crimes against children.

The letter, to which Crónica Global has had access , demands that the confession “change its secret protocols and respect human rights.” Specifically, the report refers to the so-called courts of honor, which conduct internal investigations in cases of complaints, and the so-called judicial committees, which instruct and rule on complaints without the intervention of the ordinary courts.

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“Reparation and justice”

The internal reforms would help, believe the signatories, to cauterize the wounds of the affected members in a base of 8.2 million people worldwide that fit into this branch of Christianity .

“This is not a war, it is an urgent need for change, we demand a change because everyone has the right to change,” AbusosTJ spokesman Miguel García explained to this newspaper.

“Defense of children”

The grouping of people who denounce abuses in the congregations of the Witnesses uses strong arguments. From their point of view, the strict internal rules “break families and do not respect human rights”.

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“We defend the freedom of worship – argue the letter – but the first freedom is the defense of the child to be protected in society, or in the worship practiced by their parents.”

It does not obligate to denounce

The complainants emphasize that the channels to denounce abuses of minors in the bosom of the Jehovah’s Witnesses do not oblige to denounce the case before the State’s security forces.

“There is a paradox that Spain has a very guaranteed legal framework for minors, and if someone perceives an alleged abuse of a boy or a girl , he or she is required to denounce it, but the internal procedures of the congregations leave the children unprotected. elders (shepherds)”.

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In this sense, Garcia has stressed that spiritual guides throughout Spain would be at their mercy to keep sealed records of internal complaints of abuse. “These people are in a position: in their power they work envelopes that may contain evidence of crimes,” he said.


The association AbusosTJ is established in Spain as a platform to help victims so that they receive solidarity and help. At the same time, the group has a second objective: to move towards reparation and justice for those affected.

The group of citizens estimates that there would be hundreds of cases of sexual depredation among the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Spain.

The community, which is organized digitally, prepares future actions to avoid repetition and stop the cover-up within the organization, which totals more than 112,000 people in the peninsula.

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