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Translation: Chrónica Vida – 3rd January 2017

Chrónica Vida – 3rd January 2017

Victims of abuses by Jehovah’s Witnesses ask to see the secret file

The affected group seeks protection in the Justice Commission of the Congress of Deputies

Victims of sexual abuse within the Jehovah’s Witnesses ask to access the secret archive of the congregation. The group AbusosTJ, which brings together people who denounce aggressions in the cult, has gone to the Justice Commission of the Congress of Deputies. The objective of the citizen group is to form a commission in which accusers and high-ranking officials with responsibility in the handling of complaints of alleged abuse appear.

According to the documents to which this means has been able to access, the Justice Commission notified the receipt of the information on December 15. In the coming days, more steps are expected in this regard.

It should be noted that at the head of the parliamentary working group is the judge and independent deputy for the PSOE Margarita Robles , close to former Secretary General Pedro Sanchez and one of the 15 elected in the Cortes that voted not to the inauguration of Mariano Rajoy last 29 October.

Secret file

Oblivious to the political struggle, the group AbusosTJ maintains its line of work to see its rights recognized and to get the Witnesses to modify their internal protocols to prevent future attacks and safeguard the most vulnerable practitioners.

For this, they see it necessary to access the secret file that the cult keeps in Ajalvir (Madrid). With the name of Gestión de la Confesión, the set of personal data, records and records is digitized, as revealed by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

The information stored contains data that the agency typifies as specially protected, as they are health or beliefs. The sole recipient of the record is the governing ecclesiastical body of Witnesses in the United States.

Driven out

The zeal in the privacy of personal data held by Witnesses runs parallel to the eagerness of the leadership of the congregation for its members to deliver them. According to the documentation deposited by the group AbusosTJ, the millenarian denomination urged its elders (pastors) to fill out forms under pain of “self-exclusion”.

The obligation to submit to the “records” that custody of the order came in the form of a circular sent to the bodies of elderly people in full processing of the Data Protection Law , which came into force on December 13, 1999.

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