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Translation: Chrónica Vida – 3rd January 2017(2)

Chrónica Vida – 3rd January 2017

Justice proposes to the Treasury to extend the IRPF box to other religions

The Catholic Church is not opposed to other faiths can collect 0.7% tax for each citizen

The Ministry of Justice will propose during this term to the Ministry of Finance the possibility that Muslims, Jews, Evangelicals, Mormons, Buddhists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Orthodox have, like the Catholic Church, a proper box in the income statement. As is known, with it 0.7% of the IRPF taxed by each citizen is collected for its purposes.

This issue was addressed in one of the working groups constituted in Justice when the previous legislature was exhausted. According to Javier Herrara García-Canturri, director of Legal Cooperation and Relations with the Confessions of the ministry, has revealed that there was “much consensus” on this possibility. In any case, the responsibility and the decision to implement it will depend on the Treasury.

The Muslim, the most benefited
For its part, the Spanish Episcopal Conference has ensured that the Catholic Church is not contrary to other confessions have their own box on the income statement. One of the confessions that would benefit from this expansion would be the Muslim, with about 1.9 million faithful in Spain. In this sense, the president of the Islamic Commission of Spain, Riay Tatary, has explained that it is a claim that they have been raising since 2001 and they give the “welcome” to the “current good reception”.

On the other hand, in a ruling released on Monday the Supreme Court confirmed the refusal of the Treasury to evangelicals about the possibility of having their own space. The Evangelical Church has announced that it will go to the Constitutional Court to try to rectify the Treasury.

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