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Translation: Metro – 2nd July 2018

Metro – 2nd July 2018

Front page: Defector: Jehovah’s film dangerous to the children

Metro (Sweden), Monday, July 2, 2018 – front page

Anti-LGBT. Jehovah’s Witnesses had a great gathering in the capital this weekend with many children in the audience. Then religious society showed a film of hbtq-critical message – which the state did not have to review.

Page Four:

Jehovah’s Witnesses Show Movies That Disregard Children’s LGBQ – Missing permission

Metro (Sweden), Monday, July 2, 2018 – page 4

Religion. At Jehovah’s Witnesses annual gathering, films with anti-hbtq messages are displayed. Although the community lacks the permissions required, the movies are displayed to thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses with hundreds of children in the audience.

“You do not realize how dangerous this is for children,” says Sabina Sjöberg

PICTURE: Several large-scale displays show the message of Jehovah’s Witness during the annual gathering – but no permission for the film that conveys society’s view of LGBQ.

The yearly gathering of Jehovah’s Witnesses begins with the conference calling on the audience not to record anything from the day for other than private use.

About 8,000 people have gathered at the Stockholm Fair in Älvsjö, just outside central Stockholm. The event is open to the public.

It is the fourth year that Jehovah’s Witnesses annual gathering is held at the Stockholm Fair, which is part of the City of Stockholm. This year, the key message is to show courage.

With well-produced films from the community’s governing circle in the United States, we can see, among other things, how a woman distances a manifestation of hbtq people. Another film shows how a little boy is dealt with the fear of ‘harmageddon’, which Jehovah’s Witnesses see as the final battle between God and those who refused to submit to God’s rule.

The movies and the tales are displayed on four large screen monitors for an audience with hundreds of children and young people.

“Parents do not say that it’s just a movie without something that’s actually going to happen,” said Sabina Sjöberg, who left Jehovah’s Witnesses just over 20 years ago.

Today she is engaged in the organization Children’s voice in a closed sect which collects testimony from people who left Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have consulted both the State Media Council and the police to alert the video material that is being played during the gathering. But according to Sabina Sjöberg, the police have not responded. –

-They do not realize how dangerous this is for children. Two years ago, films were shown with families and children hiding in a basement. In the final scene, soldiers storm up with automatic weapons, she says.

-Looking at an action film at home as a child, the parents can comfort. If you’re taking movies from Disney, parents can comfort the kids and say it’s not true, but here’s no comfort and the kids get awful nightmares.

According to the National Media Council, which has the task of setting the age limits for films to be shown to children under the age of 15, the event fulfills the criteria for a general gathering and the films must, by law, have an age limit set by the authority.

They have pointed out to the police that the organizers of the gathering failed to seek permission to display the films. Penalty scale for violation of the law includes prison.

When Metro talks with the press department at the Stockholm Stock Exchange, they say they do not know anything about the permission and refer questions about the films to the community’s legal department.

“We hope that nothing will be experienced in a negative way for anyone. Of course, this is not the goal of something we show, but it is our legal department that answers such questions, “said Niklas Sondell from the press department.

Yesterday, the Stockholm Police could not answer if they had been to the event to check whether a breach was committed.

“We hope that nothing will be experienced in a negative way for anyone.” Niklas Sondell at the Jehovah’s Witnesses Press Department

BOX: 22,000 witnesses in Sweden

More than eight million members worldwide, distributed in 240 countries.

In Sweden there are approximately 22,000 active members in 310 parliaments.

Is the only religious community that has been denied state subsidies. In 2017, the government said no with the motivation that society urges its members not to receive blood transfusions for minors.

Page 24:

I’m compared to pedophiles and killers – to the joy of the sect

Metro (Sweden), Monday, July 2, 2018 – page 24

PICTURE: When Jehovah’s Witnesses gathered for an open gathering in the Friends Arena in 2015, 50,000 people participated. “I remember the feeling of happiness and togetherness,” writes Erik Engelv, who has experience in similar fairs since before hoping for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Sect. Now that I stand outside Jehovah’s Witnesses, I see a propaganda machine claiming that the Hbt movement is God’s opponent. Can I really just watch when my parents applaud this to the same place where I worked a few months ago as a married gayman? writes Erik Engelv.

“Those who are leading society today know that LBTQ questions are sensitive and a great subject to show we are against them” Defector Erik Engelv

Ever since childbirth, I was fed with what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe is original Christianity in the Bible. You will certainly recognize that you do not receive blood, celebrate birthdays or have sex before marriage. A little inquisitive when you look at theology deeper, you find further ideas that all other religion is fake, that those who leave the congregation are to be completely thrown out and that gay men are equated with rapists, pedophiles and killer.

I was absolutely convinced that this was the truth. I remember the feeling of happiness and togetherness when you gathered in thousands for the annual summer gathering and received thorough education in the Bible’s teachings and how I’m expected to live like a true Christian.

When I now, as an adult, is out of the sect, I see something completely different. I see a propaganda machine who wants to claim that the entire HGBQ movement is God’s opponent. I see how to produce and show movies with messages calling for zero tolerance to married marriages. And I am reminded that, when he has received enough of the misery on earth, Jesus comes down on his white horse to clean up all of us who believe that one must love just who one wants. And it happens completely open. On my own home.

We must never forget that everyone is entitled to his own faith and thank God for freedom of speech! But we must also sharply question and visualize what was actually said this weekend at the Stockholm Fair, where the city of Stockholm is a partner.

Quite honestly, I have difficulty believing that all individuals who call themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses will dare to base themselves on this. But this is how sect mechanisms work in practice. The leaders of society today know that hbtq questions are sensitive and an excellent topic for creating a “we against them” spirit. And the more we who look from the outside react and act, the more they see the reason to quit.

Should we be quiet? Can I really just watch when my parents are sitting and applauding this message in the same place where I worked a few months ago like a married gayman? Is it okay that, on the one hand, the city of Stockholm is receiving income from a society with socially destructive messages, on the other hand, being one of the world’s most hbtq-friendly cities? Should we offer a platform for this message around the corner from the staircase where I hung up in the summer rain with that young man who had so soft lips and so beautiful curly hair?

Ironically, I will think of a verse in the Old Testament often used in religious rhetoric. “Do not be afraid, because there are more with us than with them.” Do you know what I think? I think we are far many more who stand for all people’s equal value and equal rights. I am absolutely sure that we will be many, many more who celebrate all the Pride Parades around the country than the religious group gathered at the Stockholm Fair.

For love overcomes everything. It says so. Also in their Bible!

BOX: Erik Engelv
Age: 34.
Location: Stockholm.
Employment: Head of sales.
BOX: Do you need someone listening?

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