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Translation: Metro – 6th December 2018

Metro – 6th December 2018

Jehovah’s Witnesses are charged with filming after Metro’s disclosure

At the great gathering of Jehovah’s Witness, films were displayed with anti-hbtq messages. In the audience there were hundreds of children and the community lacked permission to show the movies, Metro could reveal. Now a man from society has been charged.

On large-screen displays films were displayed where, among other things, a woman distanced themselves from a manifestation of HGBQ people. The movies, titled “Destruction of the Great Babylon” and “Armageddon”, were shown this summer at Jehovah’s Witnesses annual gathering held at the Stockholm Fair in Älvsjö,
Stockholm.About 8000 people had gathered, and in the audience there were hundreds of children.The conference instructed the audience not to record anything except for personal use.
The event was open to the public.
But the society lacked the states needed to show the films, which Metro could reveal.

The witness: Cartoons for children

And now prosecution has been brought against a man from Jehovah’s Witnesses who was responsible for the gathering. The prosecution is a violation of the law on film age limits that will be publicly displayed. The man has “at a general gathering / public show shown film that has not been approved by the State Media Council, for children under the age of 15”, can be read in the prosecution.

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In interrogation, the man told the police about the background to the films.

Police: Who decides on the content of the meeting?

The man: Our main organization is in Wallkill, Patterson and Warwick, USA. And there you design these different elements. But much also comes from Africa, Asia and Europe. We are a global organization. We have about 20 million people visiting our gatherings worldwide. We are a big organization. There are different cultural features from different parts of the world.

Police: The material is coming to Sweden, what are you doing then?

The man: It is translated. The material comes to each person who will have it.

Police: How does the movies work?

The man: They are produced in different places. There are several different types of movies, cartoon series for children eg and even movies for adults. They are produced before.

The man denies crimes

According to the National Media Council, which has the task of setting the age limits for films to be shown to children under the age of 15, the event fulfills the criteria for a general gathering and the films must, by law, have an age limit set by the authority.

The man is defended by lawyer Majeed Alnashi.

“Unfortunately, I have no comments right now,” he says.

The now accused man denies crimes, according to the prosecution.

Metro has sought prosecutor.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • The society has more than eight million members worldwide.
  • In Sweden there are approximately 22,000 active members in 310 parliaments.
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only religious community that has been denied government grants. In 2017, the government said no with the motivation that society urges its members not to receive blood transfusions for minors.

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