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Translation: EenVandaad – 12 June 2018

EenVandaad – 12 June 2018

“Government must better protect children Jehovah’s Witnesses”

There are more and more sounds that there is a large-scale child abuse within the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The organization itself does not want to conduct an independent investigation. What needs to happen to get a shot in the case?

Hilde Bakker is a researcher on abuse in ecclesiastical circles at Movisie. “Abuse happens everywhere: in sports, in the film world, in the church The problem with closed communities like Jehovah’s Witnesses is that they have their own legal system.”

According to Bakker, victims have to tell their story in relation to elders. “It often seems as if the perpetrator is believed before the victim,” Bakker emphasizes. “If that denies and there are no witnesses, the case is quickly dismissed, and even when it is tried, perpetrators can stay within the community if repentance is shown.”

“No solution without government intervention”

It is the task of the government to do research on this, says the researcher. “This must not be a free state within the Dutch constitutional state, the Public Prosecution Service has a role to protect children.  I understand the reluctance to do no research without a tax return, but research can also be done without declarations. report it, it is difficult to investigate if no one cooperates.

“There is no solution without government interference, there are criminal offenses committed, and because so much has gone wrong, someone is needed who can act on behalf of the victims, and that must be an independent person.”

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