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Translation: RTL Nieuws – 22nd May 2018

RTL Nieuws – 22nd May 2018

No independent investigation into sexual abuse at Jehovah’s Witnesses

There will be no independent investigation into sexual abuse at the Jehovah’s witnesses in Netherlands.That has informed the community of faith to Minister Sander Dekker of legal protection.Davis had insisted on an independent investigation when RTL News reported that more than 150 reports were entered on the abuse, mentions that “disappointing “.

At a hotline for victims of sexual abuse within the community of the Jehovah’s Witnesses came in two months time 151 reports, reported Yahoo! News in January.

Ignores important recognition

Dekker announces today not to be happy with the reaction of the Jehovah’s witnesses.  ‘By rejecting an independent investigation is the Board of the Jehovah’s witnesses also ignores the importance of recognition for victims, that from such a study can follow.  These victims now want to be heard by the community. ‘

Minister Davis has no legal ability to compel them to cooperate in independent research.  The Roman Catholic and the sport associations did after reports independent research.  Victims can just report the abuse to the police, underlined Dekker.

Obligation to extend to third parties

Obligation to extend to third parties because the Minister she cannot commit to an independent investigation, he goes therefore to consider whether it is possible to change the obligation of third parties in sexual abuse to widen.

That can ensure that organizations are required to report if they know of child abuse.

Dire disappointed victims

The Foundation Reclaimed Voices who speaks on behalf of the victims of sexual abuse at the Jehovah’s witnesses is disappointed, says President Raymond Hall.  ‘We are disappointed in the Jehovah’s witnesses, but there we expected not so much already.We are just very disappointed in Minister Dekker.  We expected that he would apply more pressure to ensure that such an independent investigation would come.’

“The victims want through this, above all, recognition of the abuse what was done to them,” says Hall.  He is going to try to ensure that an independent investigation.

Steve was abused by Jehovah’s and got out of the movement:


Steve, who was victim of abuse at the Jehovah’s witnesses, was strongly discouraged to the police.  “Because that would be Jehovah’s witnesses in a bad light.”

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