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Translation: RTL Nieuws – 28th June 2018

RTL Nieuws – 28th June 2018

The Lower House requires independent investigation into abuse of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Nevertheless, an independent investigation must be conducted into the sexual abuse of Jehovah’s witnesses. This requires a majority in the House of Representatives. At a special hotline, almost 300 victims have reported themselves. Earlier Minister Dekker of Legal Protection decided that such a research did not come about because the Jehovah’s self did not want to cooperate.

He called that disappointing, but he left it at that. Now a majority of the SP, PvdA, CDA, GroenLinks and the VVD wants to have an independent investigation done.

Word of god

According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, the word of god is the only true law that applies to them. Therefore, they prefer to solve problems within their own church. But with that, perpetrators avoid a prison sentence.

One victim of sexual abuse at the Jehovah’s is Steve, who was abused as a child. He heard that he better not go to the police. “You are free to go, but we do not recommend it because that puts the Jehovah’s Witnesses in a bad light.”

Send a report to the police

The minister said in February that he can not do much because he can not oblige them to cooperate in an investigation. He did, however, advise victims to report to the police. But that threshold is too high, according to members of the Lower House of the victims.

SP Member of Parliament Michiel van Nispen says: “We hear that people are prepared to talk to an independent researcher, that the threshold is lower than the very high step that is actually irreversible to go to the police.”

Appoint independent researcher

The fact that the Jehovah’s themselves do not want to cooperate may not be a reason, according to the House, to do no research. “I want the minister to appoint an independent researcher and he will ask for research into the culture of closedness, for people who have experiences with sexual abuse who have stepped out of the community or people who are still in it today and have signals or know stories. ”

The Reclaimed Voices reporting center, which stands up for the victims, is pleased to announce that the House understands that an independent investigation is necessary.

Steve stepped out of Jehovah’s Witnesses:


Steve, who became the victim of abuse with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, was strongly advised not to go to the police. “Because that would put Jehovah’s witnesses in a bad light.”

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