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Translation: RTV Noord – 6th October 2018

RTV Noord – 6th October 2018

Abuse Victims demonstrating Jehova’s at headquarters

Abuse victims of Jehovah’s Witnesses demonstrated on Saturday at the headquarters of the religious community in Emmen. There were about forty activists on the leg.

Several people present tell RTV Drenthe that there are no more people in the protest, because many victims are afraid of being recognized by Jehovah’s Witnesses, because the protest is at the head office.

Reclaimed Voices

The protest is organized by Reclaimed Voices, a foundation set up by ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been abused by other members of the Church. Frank Huiting from Groningen is one of them.

The reason for the protest is the establishment of the administration of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which dismisses indictments of abuse within the community as incidents.


The protesters have also handed a manifesto to mayor Eric van Oosterhout van Emmen. ‘In the manifesto we focus on the safety of the child. Not only in the community of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but in all closed religious communities in the Netherlands, “explains Frank Huiting. ‘The manifesto must make people aware. What can you do if you feel that a child is being abused or abused in a closed community? ‘

Criminal investigation

There is now a criminal investigation into the abuse within Jehovah’s Witnesses. Nine reports, including those from Huiting, are being investigated.

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