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Translation: El Horizonte – 23rd December 2018

El Horizonte – 23rd December 2018

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Jehovah’s Witnesses are seen naked on the street

A group of Jehovah’s Witnesses who kidnapped their neighbors and said they were fleeing from the end of the world

A group of Jehovah ‘s Witnesses who abducted their neighbors and said they were fleeing because they believed the world was running out have a strange psychotic disorder, according to police reports.

The provincial court judge Jacqueline Schaffter said the two women and the man, who have not been identified, have a disorder, but did not reveal the name. Schaffter said: “It will always be difficult for us to understand it completely.”

The three family members received a sentence of community service for one year and two years of probation.

The trio will also be required to undergo counseling and refrain from “muscle testing, hypnosis, body therapy and other practices involving altered levels of consciousness,” according to the Toronto Sun.

The strange kidnapping occurred in November 2017 when five people from Alberta, including two minors, were forced to leave their homes and get into a truck with Jehovah ‘s Witnesses , four of whom were completely naked.

The man and his family were able to escape, and all the suspects were arrested. According to the Canadian Press, two women and one man were accused of kidnapping and pleaded guilty to illegal confinement.

One of the women also pleaded guilty to driving in a dangerous manner.

The plea documents indicate that the group’s strange behavior began several days before the November 6, 2017 kidnapping.

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