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Translation: Journal de Québec – 26th November 2018

Journal de Québec – 26th November 2018


Quebec will study the sectarian excesses

The death of a Jehovah’s Witness has shaken the population

A group of ministers will be responsible for studying the sectarian excesses after a private meeting between Eloise Dupuis’ aunt and Justice Minister Sonia LeBel .

Manon Boyer met with Ms. LeBel at her Montreal office on Monday, after questioning the Legault government in the Journal’s pages . Her niece, Eloise Dupuis – a 27-year-old Jehovah’s Witness – died in October 2016 after refusing a blood transfusion following her cesarean delivery.

The meeting, described as positive by Ms. Boyer, lasted more than one hour. ” Ms. LeBel was interested, she listened, she asked questions,” sums up Manon Boyer.

It has been fighting for two years to put an end to the sectarian excesses, especially among Jehovah’s witnesses. M me Boyer calls for inquiry in the form of parliamentary committee or another, to study the phenomenon and determine the legislation to set up.

Manon Boyer wants Quebec to put an end to the refusal of blood transfusions. “I want to untie the doctors ‘hands,” said Eloise Dupuis’ aunt. If someone needs a transfusion, they give him a transfusion. Doctors have studied there, it’s not for pastry chefs to come and tell them what to do. ”

“Political will”

In Sonia LeBel’s office, it is said that the minister will follow up on the meeting without specifying the next steps. “There is certainly a political will to look into this, but I can not say anything about the means that will be put in place,” says Minister LeBel’s press secretary, Nicky Cayer.

Ms. LeBel will work with Minister of Health Danielle McCann and laureate Simon Jolin-Barrette. “It’s a tricky question that has implications for many portfolios,” says Nicky Cayer.

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