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Translation: L’actualité – 17th September 2018

L’actualité – 17th September 2018

Three people plead guilty in kidnapping and nudity

LEDUC, Alta. – Three people in Alberta pleaded guilty after being charged with a bizarre abduction and nudity case that may have involved hallucinogenic tea.

Two women and a man, who can not be identified due to a publication ban, pleaded guilty to the provincial court in Leduc on Monday for forcible confinement. One of the women, aged 36, also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

Sentencing must take place on December 20th.

The events in question occurred on November 6. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, three members of the same family were forced to leave their home south of Edmonton, and then dragged into a car where there were already several naked people.

The police were alerted after receiving a call about an accident between a car and a truck near Nisku.

Inside the truck, they found the three victims – a man, her adult daughter and her baby – who had apparently been rescued by the truck driver. Inside the car, there were five people – four of them were naked, including two minors. No one was hurt.

The two teenage sisters were not charged. Their father told The Canadian Press that the girls had had breakfast that day with his ex-wife and a married couple. He claimed that the group would have unconsciously drunk hallucinogenic tea that had been reported during a recent trip abroad.

The father said that the girls did not remember what had happened. And he said he did not know the name of the tea.

“Whatever the power of this thing, it has probably caused a lot of uncertainty,” he said. “It’s a frightening thought to imagine,” Oh, let’s try that tea we bought. And then they sit down and think they’re just going to have a good morning and they’re in this situation. ”

The victims also claimed last year that they knew the accused as neighbors and that they were all members of the same Jehovah’s Witnesses church.

They stated that one of the suspected women had come to their front door, dressed, and acting agitatedly. With her were four naked people.

The family said that they had been forced to leave the house and enter a BMW. The man would have been put in the trunk and his daughter and baby in the car with the others.

At a certain point, as the car was moving, the man would have managed to get out of the trunk. As the car slowed down, the woman and her baby managed to escape. The three victims were then embarked by a man in his truck, but the truck would have been hit by the car.

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