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Translation: Le Journal de Québec – 28th June 2018

Des Temoins-De-Jehovah Defendent Leurs Principes

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The online version of the same article has the heading: “Death of Eloise Dupuis: Jehovah’s Witnesses defend their refusal of a blood transfusion”

Blood transfusion

Jehovah’s Witnesses defend their principles

Le Journal de Québec (Canada), Thursday, June 28, 2018 – page 15 (via Google Translate)

In the turmoil since the death of a young woman who gave birth to her child, Jehovah’s Witnesses decided to defend their principles in the media and to explain what “courage” it takes to refuse a blood transfusion.

They have had bad press for two years because of the death of Dupuis Eloise who refused a blood transfusion because of her religious beliefs.

Jehovah’s Ministers Jason Beaudet and Francis Guay are doing a media tour to promote their annual convention at the Videotron Center in July. The exercise has all the appearances of a public relations campaign.

The Journal nevertheless agreed to meet with them to discuss current topics. The two men are 40 years old and 46 years old, have no children and were born into families who were already Jehovah’s Witnesses. Considered “elders”, it is they who advise families to apply “biblical” principles in their lives. They admit it, all they know is the doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“We help the members of the congregation to put the Bible into practice. It’s always the Bible that gives the guideline,” says Jason Beaudet, who did a DEP in accounting.

Apolitical, witnesses must respect the rules established in the society where they live. However, if these rules contravene the doctrine of the Jehovah Bible, the witnesses will not abide by the rule. In fact, this year’s conference theme is “Be Couragous”.

Should we be brave to refuse a blood transfusion? “Indeed, all that takes a lot of courage (…) In the Bible we talk about abstaining from blood. We will not go further than what the Bible says,” says Beaude, admitting to go to the bedside to support them, even when they are not invited. But, he ensures never put pressure. “It’s up to each individual to make his final decision,” he says.


In addition, Jehovah’s Witnesses are frequently accused of not valuing higher education and encouraging apprenticeship.

“We are not here to impose. We encourage our members to have a job and to be members who contribute to society. So, is it necessary and to what extent is it necessary to learn to have this job? It’s up to each family to decide,” argues Jason Beaudet again.

Young Witnesses can not celebrate Halloween with their classmates or any other party. The two men do not see any problem, although the situation can isolate children.

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