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Translation: L’essentiel – 27th September 2018

L’essentiel – 27th September 2018

Nudist kidnappers were fleeing the end of the world

The veil partially rises over an incident that left the Alberta police open in November 2017.

There are various facts that are frankly improbable. It was held in November 2017, in the depths of the freezing state of Alberta. Five family members were arrested after abducting three of their neighbors: a father, his daughter and her baby. Their crazy race ended when their BMW hit a truck a few miles south of Edmonton.

When the police arrived, she found the three captives unharmed, but panicked. And the situation became downright surreal when the agents realized that four of the five kidnappers, barricaded in the accident vehicle, were completely naked . The outside temperature was then -10 degrees, reminds The Guardian .

“Jehovah! Jehovah!”

Ten months later, documents released Tuesday by the Canadian press shed some light on this strange incident. The instigators of this unlikely cavalcade were Jehovah’s Witnesses in the midst of a mystical crisis. After several days of food deprivation, they would have been suddenly convinced that it was necessary to flee the imminent arrival of the end of time.

In their haste, the family members would not have had time to get dressed, except for the mother. The smala, however, would have rushed to his neighbors “to save them from demons” by forcing them into the trunk of the vehicle. The latter explained that their captors chanted “Jehovah! Jehovah! “In the car at full speed.

The police initially claimed that the family was under the influence of drugs. But analyzes showed no drugs or alcohol in their bodies. Three of the five clan members, two women and one man, were charged with kidnapping. They acknowledged the facts.

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