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Translation: TVA Nouvelles – 12th November 2018

TVA Nouvelles – 12th November 2018

Jehovah’s Witness deceased

Eloise Dupuis’ aunt wants to meet Legault

The aunt of Éloïse Dupuis, a Jehovah’s Witness who died after refusing a blood transfusion, asks the Legault government to hold a parliamentary commission on sectarian abuses.

“They killed my niece, nothing less, and they will kill others,” said Manon Boyer. On October 12, 2016, Éloïse Dupuis died after refusing blood transfusions, as advocated by Jehovah’s Witnesses, following her cesarean delivery. The child has survived.

Manon Boyer recalls that at the time, the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) had campaigned for a parliamentary commission to “study the evaluation of free and informed consent” when a person receives care in a hospital. In addition, François Legault’s troops proposed that a judge be responsible for ensuring that a patient does not undergo external pressure when refusing treatment.

Portrait of the situation

“Mr. Legault is now in power, so I ask for a meeting with him and I very much hope that he will set up a parliamentary commission so that there is an investigation into the sectarian excesses,” said the lady who militates against Jehovah’s Witnesses since the death of his niece. The parliamentary commission would provide a portrait of the situation in Quebec and adapt the laws accordingly, she said.

Manon Boyer contacted our Parliamentary Office after reading Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault’s recent remarks that Éloïse Dupuis was in “her right” to refuse a blood transfusion, even though the news had saddened her the time. No question, she said, of “questioning the existence of charters” rights and freedoms, even if some individual decisions can shock the population.

Change the laws

Although the coroner in charge of the case has determined that Éloïse Dupuis has refused the unpressurized transfusions of her religious community, Manon Boyer believes that it is impossible to speak of free consent. “These people have no choice,” she says. When Eloise was born, her parents were already Jehovah’s Witnesses. All her life, she was taught that if she took blood, she would not have the right to eternal paradise. ”

For this reason, Manon Boyer refuses to settle for a simple validation of consent by a judge. “The judge is not aware of what you’ve heard all your life,” she said. I think it takes a law where, if you go back to the hospital and you need blood, even if you’re Jehovah’s Witness, you’re given blood. ”

The laws must be changed, she said, so that “there are no more deaths like that of Eloise”.

At the Prime Minister’s office, we refuse to comment on requests for meetings with François Legault. “We will take the time to analyze the file before responding,” said his spokesman, Valerie Noel-Letourneau.

“I can not believe that in Quebec, people are allowed to die because of their religious beliefs. […] We must see how we can fix that, but it is unacceptable, it’s sad, it’s catastrophic. It does not represent what we are in Quebec, “said François Legault a few days after the death of the young woman, in 2016.

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