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Translation: Resett – 2nd January 2019

Gaceta – 4th January 2019

Jehovah’s Witnesses do not join lynching against AMLO for abortion and euthanasia

Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Jehovah’s Witnesses will stay out of the political issues and measures dictated by the new federal government, such as those referring to the decriminalization of abortion and euthanasia, which according to some social activists threaten against life and the family.

The national representative of the press area of ​​the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Josué Zaduño Rodela also ruled out that they are going to undertake any type of demonstration or social movement to protest against what will be approved by the Morena legislators in both aspects.

However, he said that the religious denomination will maintain its campaign of biblical education in force, in which not only promote values ​​but also aims to teach Mexicans to be exemplary citizens and lovers of peace.

“We are neutral in political matters and do not try to influence the authorities; In fact, the biblical education campaign we do helps people become exemplary and peace loving citizens. ”

He also clarified that they recognize the right and authority of the federal government, as they do with the governments of other countries, and as far as possible those who sympathize with that religion are in addition to public policy, but in obedience to what it says the Bible.

“We recognize the right and authority of the federal government as well as the authority of any other government in the world, and in obedience to what the Bible says we strive to be good citizens, who pay their taxes. We collaborate as much as possible with the legitimate demands of governments, whether in human relations or in the governmental requirements that conform to the divine law. ”

Likewise, Josué Zaduño avoided entering into confrontations and falling into controversy over the decisions on the issue of abortion, euthanasia or any other issue taken by the federal authorities, despite not agreeing on the approval of these issues.

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