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Translation: De Telegraaf – 30th September 2018

De Telegraaf (Netherlands) – 30th September 2018

Jehovah’s have to pay 30 million

MONTANA – The Jehovah’s Witnesses church has to pay over thirty million euros to a woman who claims to have been sexually abused.

The victim from Montana, now 21, was attacked as a child by a member of the church, writes the New York Post.

The umbrella organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses has tried everything to put the matter under the carpet.

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The man against whom the accusations were filed was expelled from the Church in 2004, but was accepted again in grace a year later. Internally, members were even told that they should never report these things to the police.

The church, which thinks the case is barred, has already announced that it will appeal.

Lawyer Neil Smith says on behalf of the victim that he hopes that the message finally penetrates into the church. “So that there will not be more victims in the future.”

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The case in Montana is one of dozens that have been filed against Jehovah’s Witnesses in all of America in recent years.

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