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Translation: Clarín – 21st August 2018

Clarín – 21st August 2018

The singer of “You look good”
The inventor of reggaeton became a Jehovah’s Witness and says that rhythm is “Satan”

Edgardo Franco, better known as “El General”, no longer wants to be a perreo. A curious life story.


It could be said that Edgardo Franco, better known as El General, is the father of reggaetón. However, that music today embarrasses him : “It’s from satan,” said the Panamanian, 47 years old.

“You are my rich and tight mom”, sang El General in the ’90s, not knowing that this rhythm would become what these days is reggaetón, a Latin urban musical genre that put millions of people dancing in the world.

The General , who won six Billboard prizes, with 32 gold albums and 17 platinum, became a millionaire with successes like Te bien buena, Tu pum, pum and Muévelo.

But in 2004 he decided to get off the boat: he retired and settled in a humble little town in Panama, where he dedicated himself to preaching “the word of God.”

“I listened to bad companies and they pulled me like a hook,” said El General about his licentious life, when he jumped to the forefront.

Fame, according to him, led him to some excesses. He became addicted to gambling, alcohol and prostitution.

Fortunately, the temple of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that he went to when he was a boy “rescued him from an addiction to applause.”

“I remember when I was in the limousines and I saw the brothers preaching,” he added. “The road to return to the truth was difficult. There was always a contract more to respect. The brothers showed me with the Bible how far I had gone. ”

The General, who no longer has any contact with public life or social networks, also indicated that he regrets having taken that path.

“I betrayed Jehovah,” said the artist, who along with the late Panamanian producer Michael Ellis invented, over 25 years ago, reggaeton, “a very big reggae.”

In Argentina, Clericó con cola, who had Marixa Balli as a dancer, made his version of Te ves buena .

And it even appeared in the program of Mirtha Legrand, where a remembered dance floor was assembled in which, in addition to “La Chiqui”, participated, among others, Nicolás Repetto and Guillermo Andino.

“It looks like a bottle of Coca Cola … It wags, it wags, it wags, it wags …”, they sang and danced in the television studio.

The General does not want to know anything more about perreos.

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