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Translation: El Dia – 16th August 2018

El Dia – 16th August 2018

Triple escape: declared the agent who was on duty, is a Jehovah’s Witness and does not use weapons

He said that he only received oral instruction and did not practice shooting. Other agents said that the cameras no longer worked

August 16, 2018 | 02:22 | Published in Print edition

With the declaration of prison officers, one of whom revealed that he was on the day of the incident in charge of the guard without having knowledge about the use of weapons because he is “Jehovah’s Witness”, yesterday the second day of the trial that ventilates the triple escape from the General Alvear prison, which in the last days of 2015 kept the country in suspense for two weeks and was led by Víctor Schillaci (36) and the brothers Martín (44) and Cristian Lanatta (46), all sentenced to perpetual prison for the triple crime of General Rodríguez.

The witness said that he only received instruction “orally” about the handling of weapons and that, because of his religion, he did not use them or do any practices or training. It should be noted that he was in charge of the guard office where the dangerous inmates of the Alvear prison escaped.

Also yesterday they declared other penitentiaries that coincided in declaring that that day there were many agents beginners, just graduates. And that a couple of months before the leak the cameras stopped working. One of those who gave his testimony was the guard who was robbed of his Fiat 128 to escape, who broke down in tears several times.

The trial will resume today with the continuity of the statement of Martin Lanatta, who was the first to speak at the trial that began Monday in the courts of 8 and 57. On that first day he made accusations against the former head of the national cabinet , Aníbal Fernández; and former Buenos Aires governor Daniel Scioli. The defendant again linked Fernandez as “the black hand” that led him to life in prison.

Lanatta expressed that “we had a bad treatment of Buenos Aires justice, we have the final sentence in record time, all our rights of defense were violated. We’ve been fighting for 10 years. ”

Cebe note that that same day was a decade of the finding of the bodies of Sebastian Forza (34), Damián Ferrón (37) and Leopoldo Bina (16), massacred 16 bullets in a field of General Rodriguez.

In another passage of his story Lanatta charged against Scioli; the former Minister of Justice, Ricardo Casal; the former secretary of Criminal Policy, César Albarracín; the former Buenos Aires Province Attorney María del Carmen Falbo; and the former head of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB), Florencia Piermarini. Lanatta said that they all plotted against him to send him to prison.

He also stated that attorney Solivaret (Fernandez’s presumed trustworthy person) offered him “two million dollars” to retract and clean up the image of the former mayor of Quilmes. And that has a hidden camera that recorded that moment. He recalled that after the note he gave the journalist Jorge Lanata, where he said “that the Walrus was Hannibal”, his life began to be in danger.

“A week after the note the cameras were taken from the prison, between us we said the night is coming,” he said. “There began to program with the SPB a leak, to retract those of the hidden camera. They were not supposed to let us go, supposedly. Everything began to be programmed and we ended up suffering. We never wanted to leave. But some members of the SPB had the political order to facilitate evasion, “Lanatta said.

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