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Translation: Nuevo Diario – 15th June 2018

Nuevo Diario – 15th June 2018

Testigo de Jehová abusó sexualmente de su sobrina y fue condenado a 10 años de prisión

Nuevo Diario (Argentina), Friday, June 15, 2018

“Jehovah’s Witness sexually abused his niece and was sentenced to 10 years in prison

“It was held in the Palace of Courts.

“On the day of this Friday, the trial of the Jehovah’s Witness, Eduardo Ismael Ávila, was held for having sexually abused one of his nieces.

“The official defenders Silvia Gerez and Lisa Vega, who assisted the accused, requested the acquittal of the latter for the benefit of the doubt, and secondarily a minimum penalty for simple sexual abuse.

“While prosecutor Gabriela Gauna had requested a sentence of 13 years in prison

“Finally, he was sentenced for 10 years in prison.”

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