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Translation: Las 2 Orillas – 17th June 2018

Las 2 Orillas – 17th June 2018

“We are world champions of stupidity”: Duke president

“We had in our hands the opportunity to leave behind two hundred years of the same with them, to give a respite to the dove of peace”

By: Juan Mario Sánchez Cuervo | June 17, 2018

In the midst of the World Cup, Colombians can celebrate in advance the orbital title of human stupidity. In 2016, when the no to peace defeated the yes, we were one step away from obtaining the scepter, but in the last breath the United States snatched it from us when it chose the bizarre Donald Trump as president.

We had in our hands the opportunity to leave behind two hundred years of the same with them, to give a respite to the dove of peace, to take the oxygen tank to corruption and war, to transform the homeland Boba into a sensible homeland and decent; but with a treacherous kick the far right and its petty phalanx has just snatched our illusions.

The deserved title that we obtained, that is to say, that of “imbecile country,” had honorable architects, who are the ones who ultimately benefit from a status quo woven at the point of trickery and lies: corrupt and Machiavellian politicians, landlords and magnates, the rancid representatives of a Catholicism with medieval and ultra-Orthodox remnants, the magnanimous representatives of human cynicism, the shepherds of self-styled Christians, and of course the glittering and powerful media, and all that servile journalism of the ventriloquists of the elites that transform the lies into truths in a moment.

It is necessary to clarify that the brains of this triumph of stupidity are not at all stupid; On the contrary, they always knew what they wanted and where they wanted to lead the docile flock. The aforementioned enjoy that kind of cunning characteristic of foxes and ophidians. Except for that select group, no one else should celebrate, because never a victory was so bitter. And the estulto town that at this point celebrates the return to the scepter of its terrible caudillo will have to conform, as it happens from old, with bread and circus … well, only with circus because bread will not give him.

The famous phrase of Joseph de Maistre: “The people have the government they deserve”, in Colombia it became a truth of truism. From that perspective the masochist is responsible for the tormentor that corresponds to him, the coward who kisses the chains of his oppressor is also guilty, and the idiot who swallows the indigestible menu of tales, ghosts and lies is not entirely innocent, since the Big liar needs the valuable cooperation of the idiots. I can hardly believe it, but it is a scandalous truth: millions of Colombians allowed themselves to enter ears, skin, eyes, mouth and nose two childhood goals: the shadow of our neighbor Venezuela and the ridiculous ghost of the Castrochavism. That entelechy is precisely what today catapults the eternal Uribe to his third term, this time interposing person,

We must recognize Mr. Uribe’s enormous leadership and his clever, Mephistopheleic intelligence, capable of hypnotizing a retinue of palace devotees, suffering from that double morality of the religious people, with a speech of a knife-walker. Because Uribism is a new religion in Colombia, and its leader has achieved feats of colossal dimensions that not even a medieval pope reached; For example, a historical feat in the muddy field of the human: put to eat in the same dish to pseudo-Christians and Catholics, Mormons, Pentecostals and Jehovah’s Witnesses, and how much luminous or obscure sect exists in this surrealist and hyperbolic country in its degree of candor and masochism. The almighty Mr. Uribe goes to a Christian cult and they venerate him, he goes to a Catholic mass and they pay homage to him: one and the other will end up worshiping him,

I used the expression “self-styled Christians” above, because in reality their words and preaching do not agree with the behavior of a true follower of the Divine Master. In effect, that supposed Christianity that does not bet on peace, justice and the unanimous rejection of all forms of corruption falls into a resounding contradiction. As one says, you can not serve God and money and petty interests, or you can not serve God and Uribe at the same time. Mahatma Gandhi was right when he pronounced this thought with authenticity: “I would be a Christian if it were not for the Christians”. Christ, on the other hand, is another song, because the compendium of his thoughts and principles is summarized in truth, love, justice and pacifism. But the “Christianity” practiced by those who govern us, he only talks about peace when he is preparing for war, or about the poor when he is calculating how to take away what little they have left. They are worshipers of power, money, and all forms of corruption and not of the Lord they invoke. A Christianity lacking a radical option for the humble, poor and simple does not properly follow Christ, but the demon of greed.

In conclusion, millions of Colombians dreamed of the rebirth of an era of peace, under the silence of guns and shrapnel, under the rule of concertation and unity; we dreamed of the inauguration of political decency in a country that had always been ruled by the cynics and the depraved ones of power; We wanted equity, and to taste something better than the manure of promises, than the faeces of injustice, but to the shame of half the country and scandal to the world, it seems that many prefer to consume waste that they can fill but not nourish. After an extended wait of centuries we yearned for reconciliation, but millions of others wanted to return to the sovereignty of death and violence, and to the justification of war. Some of us wanted the end of the horrible night, and others want to immortalize it. Then that the latter assume the weight of the dead that will bring the rebirth of a possible conflict and that overcome the crying of mothers by the blood of their children. Colombia pettiness: may God forgive you and may God keep you, and until never, and until now and forever, eternal Motherland Boba.

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