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Translation: Las 2 Orillas – 28th September 2017

Las 2 Orillas – 28th September 2017

Doctrine and Morals of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

This religion, founded in 1881 by Charles Taze Russell, who claims to be the restitution of primitive Christianity, has raised many questions over time

By: Santiago Lopez Hernandez | September 28, 2017

The ideology of Jehovah’s Witnesses exceeds common logic. They believe they have the absolute truth, because they are in the “truth” and are not part of the world as the “worldly”, as they call contemptuously those who are not part of their religion. They use and quote biblical texts that replicate time after time to defend their “truth” and jump like grasshoppers from one text to another without analyzing their context.

These truths are imposed by its leaders, the governing and faithful and discreet slave body, which is actually a multinational publishing organization called Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, which was founded in 1881 by Chaze Taze Russell, follower of William Miller , a false prophet and founding swindler of Seventh-day Adventists.

Russell learned to misrepresent biblical texts and study the pyramids to create apocalyptic prophecies. He was accused of selling an alleged miraculous wheat and immoral conduct with a 25-year-old girl, a practice condemned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Despite this, for the TJ Russell is an anointed, the equivalent in Catholics to a saint.

Currently, the leaders of the TJ, the faithful and discreet governing body or slave, are “spiritual” and “humble” people who have been appointed by Jehovah to lead the congregation from their world headquarters in the holy land of New York.

His followers are people who defend to the sword and the absolute truth imposed on them and accept meekness as servants of the true God. They invest almost all their time in “theocratic” activities of the field service, serving Jehovah: they go door to door, they invade public spaces with their proselytizing exhibitors and sectarian propaganda.

In addition, they have to study something called the daily text, conduct a family study and pray day and night, as established by the TJ. They go to meetings twice a week and 3 assemblies a year, which last for whole days and where the congregation leaders (elders) talk and talk without rest and baptize the new members, plunging them into a pool … in the name of the Father, of the Son and his earthly organization to whom he must render absolute and indisputable obedience.

They say they reject sin and not the sinner, a beautiful phrase they use to camouflage their homophobia, their censorship of people who have thought and criticism and have abandoned the doctrine, their anationalism and their fanaticism by letting friends and family die because they do not accept transfusions. blood However, people who according to their doctrines are sinners, are subjected to a trial with 3 elders, men who without any problem humiliate, judge, belittle and violate the privacy of people in the smallest details. From these judgments, they issue rulings and reports that reach the central headquarters.

They consider themselves tireless students of the Bible, but in reality they study the Watchtower books or “helps”, which gives them the governing body to understand the word of God: some books that are the basis of their doctrine and that are unquestionable , since they are “inspired by Jehovah” and where they find an answer to everything Jehovah asks of them. For example, the book Reasoning from the Scriptures explains how to capture more fanatics, what they should think about abortion, apostasy (those who have left the sect, or for those who know and abandon the truth by despising Jehovah ), the discriminatory treatment they must have with those who leave the sect (breaking all family, commercial, etc, reaching extremes such as not greeting them, speaking to them, help them financially and even dislodge them if they live in the house of a Jehovah’s Witness.) These practices have led many extestigos to deep depressions, family distancing and in the worst of cases suicide.

They live expectantly at the end of the world because the Watchtower promises to live in a utopia, without death or pain, where Jehovah will provide them with everything (of course, but only if you are an active Jehovah’s Witness). They affirm that we are in the last days of this system of things and the war of Armagedon will break out, which according to their prophecies would first be in 1914, where nothing happened. Then, in 1918, where neither. Later, the date changed for 1925, 1975, among others. Today, its current date for the end of the world is 2030, it will dawn and we will see!

They claim that the UN is the antichrist, they qualify the other religions as Babylon the great or the empire of the false religion, asserting that it is Satan who directs them together with the politics and the leaders of the planet. Likewise, they affirm that education (especially higher education), fashion, music, economics … that is, everything is controlled by Satan, except for them.

It is curious to see how the “exhort” (prohibit) not to pursue a worldly career, rather prefer spiritual careers as in full-time service, where you can become a pioneer: you can work all day serving Jehovah, making known his name, attracting more followers to the sect and best of all, without receiving any payment. They can serve full time as Bethelites, locked up all day long, producing their literature (the “spiritual food”), generating profits for the work of the kingdom of God. Similarly, another of his unpaid work is the construction of halls of the kingdom, assembly halls and branches, which the members themselves must pay by way of credit or voluntary donations. Oh, and so that you do not forget, in every book, magazine, meeting, etc., you are reminded that you have to support the kingdom of God.

What a pity it would be for a Jehovah’s Witness to nurse and have to go with a doctor, a worldly person who spent so much time in a university pursuing satanic careers. How ugly it would be if they had to resort to worldly lawyers to defend them in their many judicial troubles. How terrible it would be if they had to resort to a worldly architect and engineer to design and build their beautiful assembly halls and halls of the kingdom, places of worship to the “true God”.

They criticize politics and the status quo , but do nothing to change it. They always seek to live on social aid, part-time jobs or simple jobs that allow them to work for the WatchTower. They do not encourage study in their children, telling them that they are transient things in the system of things

They have had among their ranks great pop culture characters such as: Michael Jackson, the General, the Wayans Venus brothers and Serena Williams, former US president Dwight Eisenhower. They are used to give a clear example of apostasy, just because they left the sect.

Among its prohibitions is: not to establish loving relationships with non-Witnesses; not consume blood or accept transfusions; not having as much as possible deal with non-Witnesses, whether they are family members, not playing sports or pursuing a sports career; not render military service; not to swear or pay tribute to a country or a flag; not pursue a professional career, only basic education; not celebrate birthdays, national holidays or onomastics; not to criticize the doctrine, nor seek different points of view, since the only truth is that they have

The damage done by their practices is terrible, they destroy families, they damage lives, they submerge their followers in ignorance, they permeate cultures, they support and hide pedophilia and misogyny. In Colombia, the Wiwas tribe had to remove them from their territory for not respecting the culture and traditions of this millenary people.

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