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Translation – La Stampa – 27th March 2018

La Stampa – 27th March 2018

Original Italian language:  “Ho lasciato i testimoni di Geova e non mi fanno vedere mia figlia”

Google Translate into English language link (transcript below):

“‘I left Jehovah’s Witnesses and they do not show me my daughter’

“The judges agree with the father: ‘The child is away from the assemblies’

“He could not even call him ‘daddy’ anymore. The man was a spill or, as we say in the jargon of the congregation, a ‘dissociated’: he had abandoned religious faith. His ex-wife and family members prevented his encounters with his daughter and that’s why he turned to the court, considering at least little educational that the girl participated in the meetings of Jehovah’s admissions.

“The civil judges of Novara (president Filippo Lamanna, alongside Vito Febbraro and Nicola Tritta) proved him right: now he has the right to see his daughter at least two weekends a month, two midweek afternoons and also in other festivities provided by the school calendar. And again on the birthday of the child, an event that is not celebrated. The mother was ordered to pay court costs and a ban on accompanying the minor to religious assemblies and meetings of any nature held by Jehovah’s Witnesses was imposed.

“The judges write: ‘The attendance, even for mere recreational purposes, of meetings at the Kingdom Hall is a serious prejudice to maintain and develop a healthy relationship with both parental figures, there is the risk that the minor is educated there and induced to consider the father as a person to keep away in consideration of his choice of abandonment of the faith ‘.

“The ‘war’ between the ex within the Geovani congregation has as protagonists two forty years of the Arsenese, parents of a child who is now five years old. They had separated in 2013 when the child was only one year old. The man had also abandoned the religious faith, practiced by his parents as well as by his wife and in-laws. He thus complained that he was completely excluded from the life of the child: the dissociated, in fact, can not maintain relations with the associates.

Isolated also from parents

“The child could not call him ‘father’ and could not consume lunches and dinners with him: ‘Since I left the congregation not even my parents eat more with me – said the man – not even in the weekend’. The mother of the spilled: ‘We maintain relations with him, we help him in case of need. But do not have lunch with him. ‘

“Severe the judgment of the court that issued a decree already published in some industry magazines: ‘The precept prohibiting the associated contacts with the” dissociated “, shared by the other family members of the minor, determines a concrete, current and very serious prejudice for her’ . The woman’s attempt to accuse her ex-husband of some generic episode of pornography, of which she had never spoken during the separation, or even in the messages exchanged with him, was worthless. She was also ordered to pay € 2,225 for court costs.”

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