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Translation: Ouest France – 14th September 2018

Ouest France – 14th September 2018

Bordeaux. Deadly blow against a Jehovah’s Witness: 11 years in prison

A man was sentenced to 11 years in prison by the Assize Court of Bordeaux, Tuesday, September 11. He hit a septuagenarian witness of Jehovah on June 24, 2016, who had fallen heavily and died a few days later.

The trial on the basis of the death of a Jehovah’s Witness, which took place in June 2016 in Bordeaux (Gironde), ended on Tuesday (September 11th). The accused was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment for fatally assaulting the victim, reports Sud Ouest .

The 30-year-old gave a violent punch to the face of the septuagenarian who was holding a Jehovah’s Witness magazine booth on June 26, 2016. The victim had fallen heavily and died a few days later. A friend who was with him was also beaten. She became a civil party at the trial.

It evokes schizophrenia never diagnosed

The accused asked to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital, referring to a schizophrenia that was never diagnosed. The thirty-year-old lawyer explained that he did not intend to kill. “It’s not the punch that killed the septuagenarian, it’s the fall that followed,” she said during the trial.

The Advocate General has required ten years of criminal imprisonment. The court was more severe.

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